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“We are in the people business; we just happen to fix cars”
– Charlie Marcotte

Charlie Marcotte is a family man, entrepreneur and business owner focused on making a positive impact on society while uplifting the independent auto repair industry.

Like so many other shop owners, Charlie entered the repair industry undercapitalized, ill-prepared and full of optimism. His business, American Pride Automotive, has grown from the humblest of beginnings to 3 thriving locations staffed with the very best automotive technicians and employees.

Over the past decade, Charlie has worked closely with hundreds of shop owners to collectively strategize the best ways to discern themselves from the competition. Charlie has also worked with large corporations, auto parts suppliers and national non-profits in an advisory role. This unique exposure has been pivotal in the development of Transportation Matters, a national initiative designed to help differentiate independent automotive repair shops from their competition while increasing the safety and reliability of transportation for families in need of a hand up. Key to this movement is the collaboration with public service agencies and non-profits as a means to extend the program and services to clients in need of automotive services and transportation solutions. Charlie is the recipient of the Ratchet & Wrench Executive All-Star Award (2016), York County Entrepreneur of the Year (2019), ESGR Seven Seals Award (2019), Patriot Award (2019), and C12 Member of the Year. He also serves on the board of Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg and is a past member of the Jasper Engines and Transmissions customer advisory board.

Jarret Hann

“Business owners are doing a lot more for their communities than they often get credit for”
-Jarret Hann

Jarret Hann is a problem solver and a true believer in strategic partnerships and communication. As someone with a multitude of experience in fundraising, state government, and non-profit organizations, he has long been focused on helping organizations and individuals do more with less.

In the past decade, Jarret has transitioned from a career in law where he worked with business owners large and small, to working in a number of different areas of the public sector. In addition to his knowledge of partnerships, marketing, and business structure, he has significant experience working with elected officials in state and national government, agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, as well as major non-profits, and notable philanthropists.

Over the years, he and Charlie discussed strategies centered around finding better ways to help people in need, as well as people/businesses who aspire to do good, achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. These conversations helped in the development of Transportation Matters, a national movement designed to highlight the good works undertaken by the automotive repair industry’s best shop owners and improve the overall level of care for individuals and families in need.

Jarret understands the challenges small and mid-size businesses face balancing the need to be “hands-on” with day-to-day operations, while also trying to market and promote. He believes that through Transportation Matters, responsible companies operating with the highest level of integrity can help better serve their communities and strengthen their overall business model.

Suzanne Hawley


Suzanne Hawley is an award-winning marketing executive with twenty-eight years of comprehensive experience in leadership, marketing, public relations, and strategic planning. Twenty-four of those years were spent in the recreational boating industry. She managed the rebranding of Raymarine, a global marine electronics manufacturer that included the creation of new advertising, public relations, and marketing communications campaigns. Her deep experience and successful track record in the design and implementation of creative and successful marketing solutions are balanced with effective management skills.

As co-founder of Family Service Day, Suzanne transferred her skillset to the automotive industry with the 2012 launch of the company’s flagship initiative, Keeping Cars Kickin’. Her role as executive director offered continuous development of strategies to guide the overall direction of the organization. Suzanne assisted in the creation of a unique and proven cause marketing initiative with a successful Blueprint© to help independent automotive repair shops 'do well by doing good'. She established sponsorships with national parts suppliers and national non-profit partnerships and managed two national days of service per year.

Family Service Day events have been held by independent repair shops in 20 states serving over 1,200 families and providing $360,000 in free automotive service, repairs and car care education. She has also been the recipient of numerous awards including: Women in Auto Care Automotive Communications Award (2016), Marine Marketers of America: Best National Magazine Advertising Full Page Ad (2017), Best Marine App (2014), Best National Magazine Advertising Full Page Ad (2013), New Hampshire Business Review Outstanding Women in Business Award (Nominee, 2016), New Hampshire Business Review Business of the Year Award (Nominee, 2015), and New Hampshire Business Review’s Business Excellence Award (Finalist, 2014).

Helping those in need get moving again.


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