Helping those in need get moving again.


The POWER of Community

We believe in the power of community.

Transportation Matters seeks to bring together Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) and quality Automotive Repair Shops (Shops) to enhance the ability of NPOs to support families struggling with transportation needs.


  1. Shops apply for affiliation.
  2. Once approved, Shops become visible in our Affiliate Directory.
  3. NPOs search the Affiliate Directory to find available Shops to service struggling families.
  4. Shops are paid directly by the NPO for their work.

The initial phase of this mission is to sign up as many Shops as possible before connecting with NPOs.


Be Seen

Public Service Agencies and Non-Profits refer families in need to your business.

Enhance Community

Being an affiliate of the Transportation Matters program connects your shop to the organizations who need your experience.

Do Well by Doing Good

Referring agencies and non-profits pay for your services. Your value lies in your knowledge and your approach to the solution.

Helping those in need get moving again.


Affiliate Locations

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